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Perfect Widgets offers the following articles that will help you evaluate the product
SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) is software used to get and monitor data in real time. Such systems can be used to monitor environment changes and scientific experiments, for building automation, in all industries requiring real-time supervisor control of technological processes. Perfect Widgets can help designing HTML5 SCADA systems that can run in any browser and can be implemented in any web-based application. This live demo shows SCADA designed with Perfect Widgets.
Perfect Widgets SVG-based gauges can be used to design emulations of the real gauges, for example the aircraft cockpit panel. Each HTML5 gauge is a 100% copy of the cockpit control or instrument. Perfect Widgets provides all features to easily create even such sophisticated gauges used to control the aircraft.
Scoreboards are used to publicly display the score in a game. They also measure time and display game statistics. With Perfect Widgets you can easily design scoreboards for any sports: Basketball, Hockey, Volleyball, Soccer, Wrestling, Football, Baseball, Roller Derby, Tennis, etc. Adding such HTML5 (JavaScript) scoreboard to the web page is quite easy. This demo shows an Ice hockey scoreboard with all necessary measurements.
Perfect Widgets offers a library of 300+ HTML5 (JavaScript) gauges. This demo includes some selected gauges (65+) to give you an idea of what gauges are included in the package and what behavior can be implemented. You will be able to play with circular and linear gauges, digits, clocks and compasses, switches and thermometers, etc.